"She's a scream!...A fucking riot!!!” - Michael Musto, Village Voice


“You had me at shant. You just had me at shant...Your comedy is brilliant.”

Leslie Jordan, Emmy Award Winner for Will & Grace


“Molly Dykeman has the mind of a child genius, the mouth of a moron, and a haircut that looks like Chewbacca got a perm. And she just may be the smartest person in the room.” - Provincetown Magazine


“Mark my words, get in on this action now, before she's playing the Garden.”

- Velvet Park Media


“That’s the thing about Molly – she loves unconditionally and non-judgmentally. And she is funny as hell…characters are richly layered and carefully developed…Mark Finley directs Ms. Alton and Mr. Warnock with collaborative genius since these two consummate comics play off one another with improvisational distinction. Their timing is perfect, their humor endearing and freshly contemporary.” – A Microwaved Burrito Filled with E. coli" - Theatre Reviews Unlimited


“Magnetic, comically gifted.” - Curtain Up

“Comedic genius…  shameless fun that will make you smile.” – Theater In The Now


“It's her commitment to the character, along with her wonderful comic timing, that

makes her shows a pleasure to watch.” - Gay Theatre NYC


“In the words of Molly: “God maketh you the way he fuckin’ wants to maketh you,” so prepare for a heaping serving of love and female empowerment… Alton, who wrote the piece as well, reveals a character reminiscent of one Chris Farley would embody: vulgar, awkward, lovable, and completely lost.” - Theatre Is Easy


“Actress and comedian Andrea Alton plays the role of Molly. She is wonderful on stage, nailing the part yet somehow still giving her character a uniquely hysterical twist."

– A Molly Jolly Christmas, Woman Around Town



Solo-show written & performed by Andrea Alton - 2015 FringeNYC


"Chelsea Now highly recommends Andrea Alton's sweet and subversive Civil War-era satire...a revolutionary mix of sex, race, heart and hope." - Chelsea Now


“Alton brings sincerity and enthusiasm to Beth Ann, and she is well served by Eric Chase's direction, which keeps the show moving at a brisk pace…come for the silliness, stay to get lost in the lady abyss.” - Theatre Is Easy


"Through gentle humor, Alton evokes both an era and a unique character championing hope who you're likely to long remember...Alton is a sharp writer and highly skilled

comedic actress, and she's created another winner with Beth Ann. Come see this show...and then plant some sunflowers of your own.” - Hy Reviews


“Andrea Alton gives one of the most charming performances that I have ever seen… I am not usually a fan of solo shows but in Andrea Alton’s appealing hands you will be transported back in time with Sun Flower-colored glasses.” - Hi! Drama